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Book lists

Download our book lists to check which ones your library or classroom already has, and which newer books you’d like to order. Many WITS PICKS and WITS Recommended books are available in the WITS Store.

WITS Picks

Each year the WITS book committee looks for the best new releases to help illustrate the WITS and LEADS strategies. These WITS Picks illustrate one or more of the WITS or LEADS strategies, and lesson plans for each one are available for free download on this page.

Download the list

WITS Recommends

While these books may not apply directly a program strategy, they do extend children’s learning into issues such as race, Indigenous history and culture, sexual orientation and gender identity, and other social and emotional learning topics.

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Canadian Kindness Leaders

Canadian Kindness Leader book  recommendations build on the LEADS strategies and encourage kindness in action. Several of these books, in both English and French, have lesson plans available for free download.

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Lesson plans

Choosing great books that emphasize a WITS or LEADS strategy – or to support age-appropriate conversations about race, inclusion, equity, sexual orientation and gender identity – and more is core to the WITS Programs. These lesson plans correspond with our WITS Picks books – old and new. Can’t find the lesson plan you need? Drop us a message and we will be happy to send you the lesson plans you require! We are in the process of uploading all of our lesson plans here, so keep checking back!

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You can then download it and save your own notes on page 1.

2024 WITS Picks*

2024 LEADS Picks*

*Many of our 2021 WITS and LEADS Picks are also available in French. There are also additional titles that may be available in French only. Please visit our French Educator resources page for the French Lesson plans.

Additional WITS Lesson Plans

Additional LEADS Lesson Plans


What is WITS?

Assembly element for LEADS: The Tug-of-Help

Using WITS at home

History and purpose of WITS

What is LEADS?

WITSup the Walrus Acts out WITS

Lesson on Whole-body Listening

Classroom ideas

Visual reminders of the WITS and LEADS strategies will help your students remember to “Use their WITS” when they encounter, experience, or witness peer victimization.

Info for Families

A quick reference for families is here  in 12 languages!  Paste this link into your school’s e-newsletters or send directly to your students’ families. These family pages can also be accessed via the QR code on the take-home cards contained in each of our Classroom Modules.  These pages are configured for viewing by phone, tablet or computer.

Desk tapes

Included in the WITS Enriched classroom module, these four designs for your students’ desks or cubbies can also be purchased in our store.

Star of the Week cards

Star of the Week cards encourage students to “get caught” doing good – being kind, learning, growing, and making your school and classroom a healthy place to learn.

How to use:  Write a note on a card and send it home with the student. Or, give your stars some visibility in the classroom: create a ‘constellation’ on a bulletin board, or liven up that old chalkboard with a row of ‘stars’.

Available in the WITS Store in packs of 40.


Sometimes schools work just can’t afford program materials or subscriptions. Our fundraising team has secured subsidies in some areas of Canada, and we may be able to cover some costs for a few schools. If you wish to apply for a subsidy, please contact us to set up a call with our staff.

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