WITS positively impacts thousands of kids every day.

Our vision is all children and youth living, learning, and playing in safe and caring communities. 

WITS programs have empowered hundreds of thousands of Canadian children and youth, plus schools in USA, Egypt, Korea, and Belgium. Since the WITS strategies started being taught on Vancouver Island in the 1990s, the program has spread to communities in every province and territory in Canada, including in over 50 Indigenous communities.

“Kids reach all these outcomes, not just social responsibility outcomes. Because it’s literature-based they’re addressing all these other outcomes as well.” – WITS educator

Canadian Kindness Leaders was piloted from 2020-2022 in 36 schools in four Canadian provinces, and this exceptional new program will be offered to all subscribed schools in the 2022-2023 school year.

Thanks to the educators and community leaders who deliver WITS Programs, and also supporting partners for WITS, Pink Shirt Day Canada, and Canadian Kindness Leaders  (supported by Heritage Canada) we are making a big difference.

Although our programs are initiated in schools, they also impact the entire community. The WITS Programs all take a whole-school / whole-community approach, providing tools for educators to engage families and community leaders. Many of the projects started through Canadian Kindness Leaders have spread kindness beyond school grounds and into their communities. And Pink Shirt Day annually reminds just about everyone of the importance of kindness and calling out inappropriate behaviour.

Some of the organizations supporting our important initiatives are the Canadian Red Cross, the Robert Bateman Foundation, Safer Schools Together, community and family foundations across the nation, and the RCMP’s Youth Services and Indigenous Services sections.

The WITS group, Canadian Kindness Leaders and Pink Shirt Day Canada are catalysts of positive change that are creating a kinder and more compassionate society.

Various children are sitting on the floor of their classroom, smiling and laughing happily.

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