Pink Shirt Project

This 2023-2024 school year, the Pink Shirt Project is coming to a High School near you!

The Pink Shirt Project empowers youth to conceive of and implement positive projects in their schools and/or communities. Based on the concepts of Pink Shirt Day, the Pink Shirt Project to encourages inclusion, cooperation, diversity and kindness!

Students work together in a creative process to develop unique solutions that meet challenges or issues in their schools and communities. At the same time, showing kindness to all those around them and promoting diversity and inclusion.

The Pink Shirt Project Workbook guides students through a five-step process to work cooperatively and brainstorm solutions to issues relevant to them. Through the Pink Shirt Project, youth from across Canada are being trained and motivated to design and implement projects focused on kindness.

The benefits are many. Not only will these projects help make your community kinder, youth will have a feeling of accomplishment for their work, and be more likely to engage in actions that positively impact their surroundings. Contact us to learn more!

Our Goals

Pink Shirt Project supports youth as they create kindness projects in their communities to:

Learn and Reflect on their own uniqueness and individuality

Promote Inclusion and Diversity

Form deeper connections with other Canadian youth

Collaboratively use the Creative Process to solve issues that are relevant to youth

“the project emphasized the contributions and thoughts of others. I enjoyed the 30 circles challenge and the way it connected to kindness, diversity, ingenuity and fun. The discussions afterward really highlighted the great part of how our individual thoughts merge in a collective group goal. “

“I like the idea of the Pink Shirt Project as a focus for our class. Everyone can study kindness.”

“This is a powerful and brave initiative, empowering kids to be confident and believed in the importance of their Pink Shirt Project.”

“This links to the work our Grade 6 class has been doing and the awesome conversations really helped the students solidify their commitment to kindness and being more inclusive. The students coordinated our school’s Anti-Bullying Assembly and brought some of the ideas from the Pink Shirt Project to life in our Assembly Performance. It was awesome to reiterate what we work on every day in our class by being kind and working together to remove barriers for others.”

What You Will Receive

Schools enrolled in the Pink Shirt Project (PSP) will receive:

  • A 30-minute virtual training to introduce the Pink Shirt Project to your students!

  • A class set of pink pens, stickers and workbooks for each student!

  • A training session with Facilitator’s Guide and resources to accompany the student workbooks!

Get Started with Pink Shirt Project!