Welcome to the WITS Programs

The WITS Programs bring together schools, families and communities to create responsive environments that help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization. WITS Programs address curriculum requirements of inclusion and acceptance in a cost-effective model that involves schools and local partners. We started 20 years ago in Victoria, BC and are now a Canadian charity positively affecting children in every province and territory. In a 2016 report from Dalhousie University, WITS was judged to be the best program of its kind in Canada. Join us!

Our Vision is that all children are living, learning and playing in safe and responsive communities.

Our Mission is to create capacity in communities to promote safety & healthy relationships.

We are in a community near you! Pictured is Andy Telfer, WITS Executive Director, speaking with David McKenzie, the Mayor of the Town of Barrhead, Alberta. Barrhead Elementary had the WITS program in 2013/2014 and the Mayor wants to reinstate WITS in local schools as the community leader. Shaw is sponsoring programs in some locations in Alberta and BC; contact our office for more details.

New Books and Lesson Plans

Moving is hard. Everything’s new at home and at school, you’re nervous, you don’t know where you fit in, and not everyone is nice. This beautifully illustrated wordless story shows how one person can make a difference and change tears to smiles.  But someone is still left out! See if you can find him on each page. 


Find lesson plans at


NEW Social Emotional Learning Resources: WITS in Motion video

This online education initiative is a non-verbal dance film, so it ‘speaks’ to everyone. The film promotes positive relationships, peaceful resolution of peer conflict and the spectrum of social emotional learning skills. It is available for streaming to parents, caregivers and educators everywhere at www.witsinmotion.ca.