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to empower children and youth to cultivate
healthy relationships through
community-based educational initiatives.


all children and youth are living,
learning, and playing
in safe and caring communities.

Started in 1998, The WITS Programs (formerly Rock Solid) Foundation is a Canadian charity dedicated to nonviolence in society, safe school and community environments for kids, and providing children with the tools to respond to negativity.

We train educators and community leaders in our whole-community approach to ending peer victimization and bullying. The award-winning WITS Programs started in Victoria and have since spread into elementary schools across Canada, into the USA, Brazil, and – most recently – Belgium.

Since 2019 WITS has worked with Pink Shirt Day co-founder Travis Price, sharing our combined messages of kindness from Coast to Coast to Coast.

2018 Staff

2019 WITS staff meeting

2021 WPF staff meeting

2021 Staff meeting during Covid-19

2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Staff DEI Training

I found the WITS Program to be an exceptional tool to help children to deal with peer victimization, and how important it is to treat each other with respect. I strongly encourage other schools to implement the WITS program on an annual basis.

Louie Scigliano
Principal, Glanford Middle School

Twenty-three years after the strategies were created, WITS was recognized as the leading program of its kind (Dalhousie 2016 report). There are now four Programs:

    • WITS for Kindergarten to grade 3,
    • WITS LEADS for grades 4 through 6
    • DIRE for French Kindergarten to grade 3
    • MENTOR for French grades 4 though 6

More than 200,000 children across Canada have been introduced to the program in every province and territory. Over 1,300 Canadian schools have started the WITS or DIRE programs and integrated it into their school culture.

The WITS Programs Foundation is a registered Canadian charity based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Strategic Plan

Summarized as Explore, Brand, Expand, Strengthen, the board of directors of the WITS Programs Foundation has set these goals for 2024:

  • Explore opportunities to provide additional programming
  • Build brand awareness
  • Expand the WITS programs
  • Strengthen evidence-based decision making

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