Community Leaders

Community Leaders are an important part of the WITS Programs. They are positive role models who promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion in your community.

Community Leaders can be elders, paramedics, firefighters, university or high school athletes, school resource officers, elected officials, and others.

Community Leaders:

  • Provide a supportive environment for children to be introduced to and ask questions about WITS and LEADS
  • Help teach children to use the WITS and/or LEADS strategies before problems escalate by:
    • Leading school-wide activities such as the WITS Assembly / Welcoming Ceremony, Tug-of-Help skit, and year-end ceremonies.
    • Visiting classrooms 3-5x throughout the year to help educate students and connect them to the broader community.

How Community Leaders engage with schools:

  1. Create your profile on this web site: click Login (upper right corner).
  2. Take our online Community Leader training (less than 60 minutes).
  3. Identify WITS-subscribed school(s) that use or wish to start WITS/DIRE.
  4. Contact the school to discuss your roles and schedule your visits.
  5. Optional: purchase WITS materials for students in your WITS-subscribed school, please contact us.
  6. Visit the school as discussed and undertake your role(s) in the WITS program.  Suggestions:
    • speak with students
    • read WITSpick books
    • discuss the WITS strategies
    • help educators with their WITS lessons
    • distribute WITS reminder gifts to students (optional) such as pencils, stickers, rulers, pin-on or sticker badges, etc
  7. Support the school as needed throughout the year.

Have questions? Contact Us.