Community Leaders

Community Leaders help unite schools, families, and communities in creating safe environments. They are positive role models who live a lifestyle of kindness while helping others.

WITS Community Leaders include paramedics, elders, firefighters, university or high school athletes, police officers, elected officials, and other role models.

Community Leaders:

  • Provide a safe environment for children to be introduced to and ask questions about the WITS Primary Program and WITS LEADS Program
  • Communicate WITS strategies by leading school-wide activities, such as the WITS Welcoming Ceremony and Tug-of-Help
  • Represent the role of a responsible adult who can help children before problems escalate
  • Visit classrooms to keep students connected to the broader community

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A fireman is helping WITS as a community leader and speaking with students. He is putting his hand on a child to share what its like to be a firefighter

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