Subscriptions and WITS schools

Starting the WITS Programs

Three elements are all that’s needed:

  1. a Subscription,
  2. Classroom Modules for every class, and
  3. a Core Module for each school

A subscription includes program support and provides school window stickers, discounts on our other programs, and online access to: WITS self-paced program training, over 50 lesson plans, several videos, and our store for purchasing the classroom and school items (below).

Classroom Modules for WITS and/or WITS LEADS provide each classroom with reminder gifts for students, implementation guides for teachers, posters with social-emotional learning (SEL) themes, and essential resources to involve families. There are Basic and Enriched versions of the Classroom Modules.

The Core Module includes a WITS Resource Guide, (a more detailed guide to program implementation and other resources), 15 carefully selected WITS Pick books, signage, the WITS Promise banner and posters and other items for central areas of the school.

Modules are also available in French.

Already a WITS school? 

All WITS Program elements (WITS, DIRE, LEADS, MENTOR) and Canadian Kindness Leaders/Mentors canadiens en gentillesse are now accessed through your school’s paid subscription. This change took place in 2022 and helps us achieve several goals:

  • Increase program integrity
  • Provide improved support to WITS Schools
  • Enhance training for educators and community leaders
  • Ensure WITS-subscribed Schools have quick notice of new or updated materials
  • Adding more programming and events

If your school uses the WITS Programs, subscribe in order to access all WITS resources and program support. In some cases, subsidies may be available. For example, the WITS Programs Foundation is committed to supporting Indigenous communities.

For more on program and subscription subsidies, see here.

How to Subscribe

On the registration page, search for your school using its primary phone number (Most schools are on file – if your school does not show in in the search, you can add your school). Your school’s primary contact should be a Principal or someone championing the WITS Programs. We will review your submission and, once approved, you can purchase a subscription and access subscriber-only resources under “Educators”. Once staff accounts are approved by the school’s primary contact, each staff member in the school can also access all the online tools under “Educators.”

Subscriptions include

  •  Access to the subscription area of our new website, where you will find
    • Online training – 2.0 modern & responsive version – for educators and community leaders
    • The WITS store – purchase your WITS classroom modules, books, badges/buttons, books, posters, pencils, reward stickers, take home cards and other supplies here!
    • WITS Picks and WITS Recommends book lists, with titles updated annually
    • Lesson plans for all of our WITS picks and WITS Recommends books
    • WITS and LEADS Videos


  • Acknowledgment as a WITS School on our website
  • WITS window decals for your school
  • Discounts on WITS events like our Pink Shirt Day Canada broadcast
  • Opportunities for enhanced educator training – online or in-person – throughout the year.
  • And more to come!

Subscription Costs

  • $365 annually (August 1 – July 31)
  • $900 for three years

• We are aware that schools work within tight budgets. Schools requiring financial assistance are welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can work together to bring the WITS Programs to your school.

Learn about WITS Programs


Kindergarten to Grade 3


Kindergarten to Grade 3 in French


Grades 4 to 6 / 7


For Grades 4 to 6 / 7 in French