WITS LEADS is the extension of WITS, also literature-based, for students in grades 4-6 and sometimes older grades too.  LEADS is a natural progression from WITS, but not a necessary requirement, and challenges students to become leaders in their community. It encourages understanding of different perspectives by using five problem-solving strategies:

Look and Listen

Explore Points of View


Did it Work?

Seek Help

WITS Leaders – as the students are called – are important parts of their school communities. Younger students seek the help of WITS Leaders when dealing with peer conflicts.

Similar to the WITS Primary program, WITS LEADS can be easily integrated into your school’s curriculum. Each WITS LEADS book has a lesson plan developed and reviewed to meet curriculum-based learning objectives and foster in-depth exploration. In addition, lesson plans have been crafted to meet provincial educational learning outcomes.

The LEADS Classroom Module contents are similar to that of WITS, except focused on the LEADS strategies and using more mature themes. The LEADS Core Module includes tools focused on the LEADS strategies and carefully selected books for more advanced readers. As with WITS, all lesson plans are available online via your school’s subscription.

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