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WITS Training programs are designed to help you deliver complete and engaging WITS Programs that include your whole school and community.

We have three options for training:

  • self-paced online,
  • live remote, and
  • live in-person.

Whether in person or remotely, live training is led by an experienced WITS educator. Its content is customized for your school’s needs, is more in-depth, and provides school personnel with the option to ask questions and receive feedback. To book live training, contact

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Look for our Guides in your modules

Our self-paced online training, combined with our Resource Guide and Implementation Guide, provides educators with all the information they need to successfully implement the WITS Programs. The Resource Guide is available in the WITS & LEADS Core Modules, and the Implementation Guide is found in the Core Module and in each Classroom Module.

The online WITS Educator Training can be done individually or in a group setting.

The modules are as follows:

  • Introduction to WITS
  • A Community Approach
  • Implementing the WITS Program
  • Classroom Resources
  • Research and Evaluation
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