The WITS Programs bring together Educators, Community Leaders, and families in a whole-community approach to creating safe, welcoming spaces and healthy communities for all children.

WITS and WITS LEADS programs (and their French equivalents DIRE and MENTOR) are literature-based, have been developed by child development and education experts, and are proven-effective.

By teaching students to “use their WITS,” they become empowered to resist peer victimization, respond appropriately, and ask an adult for help when needed.

Walk away


Talk it out

Seek help

Look and listen

Explore points of view


Did it work?

Seek help

What sets WITS apart from similar programs is our focus on the prevention of peer victimization. The most unique aspect of the WITS program is the cultivation of safe school communities using a common language between teachers, students, their parents, and community leaders. By encouraging parental and community participation, the WITS program fosters pro-social behaviours and enhanced social competence in children with consistent strategies through multiple social contexts.

It has never been easier to incorporate WITS into your classroom.

Our new online subscription-based model reflects our commitment to ensure program integrity, improve customer service, and enhance program delivery.

Educator Portal

Refreshed Lesson Plans

Our Educators Web Portal offers valuable information and resources that teachers can use to promote WITS in the classroom, including fun information videos and teaching aids. The Online Educator training, which has been updated and modernized, can be done individually or in a group setting.

WITS Lesson Plans, created with the four key strategies in mind, can easily be incorporated into a variety of subjects. In addition, all lesson plans were developed and reviewed to meet curriculum-based learning objectives and foster in-depth exploration of the books.

adult woman holding books

WITS Program


Research and evaluation

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