Diverse Abilities for GR 4-7

At the Speed of Gus

Author: Richard Scrimger

A smartly funny and sympathetic story about being different and finding your way.

Meet the compelling, charismatic 13-year-old Augustus Constantine, a boy whose mind (and mouth) operate at a different speed than the rest of society. Gus has ADHD, and he’s on medication to help him focus. Misuse of his medication is a recipe for disaster. At the Speed of Gus takes readers through a frenetic, twist-filled day that is the result of that misuse.

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Small Things

Author and Illustrator: Mel Tregonning

In this short, wordless graphic picture book, a young boy feels alone with his anxiety. He isn’t fitting in well at school. His grades are slipping. He’s even lashing out at those who love him.

Talented Australian artist Mel Tregonning created Small Things in the final year of her life. In her emotionally rich illustrations, the boy’s worries manifest as tiny beings that crowd around him constantly, overwhelming him and even gnawing away at his very self. The striking imagery is all the more powerful when, overcoming his isolation at last, the boy discovers that the tiny demons of worry surround everyone, even those who seem to have it all together.

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So Long, Stress!

Author: Helaine Becker

Illustrator: Joanna Sevilla

A full-colour, kid-friendly guide to understanding stress and anxiety and managing them in healthy and productive ways.

Kids and parents know that taking care of our mental health and managing stress and anxiety are critical skills for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Filled with practical advice and strategies, So Long, Stress! helps readers understand what stress is and gives them the tools they need to face situations that cause anxiety ― all in an approachable and down-to-earth tone.

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Small Things Worry Box

Diverse Abilities Resources

Character Role Playing Cards
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Anti Bullying Activities
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Teaching about acceptance (replace acceptance for tolerance)
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Mental Health/Belonging/”You are not alone”
A variation of this activity would be for students to anonymously write down the sentence, “if you really knew me…” and then finished it with something they are struggling with. Teacher collects all slips and reads aloud to debrief responses. Students are able to learn about and/or relate to some of the things other students are going through creating a sense of community within the classroom.
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