The WITS Spring 2022 Newsletter has arrived!

The WITS Spring 2022 Newsletter has arrived!

The WITS Poster, Video, and Photo Contest is back!

We are excited to launch our annual multi-media contest and share the message of kindness! The contest is open to students in elementary grades in Canadian schools that use the WITS Programs. We are inviting students to express themselves creatively by sharing their experiences with WITS through posters, videos, or photos. Students have a chance to win a WITS Prize Pack, which include 3 WITS Picks Books, a notebook, a WITS poster and reminder gift bag. We ask that teachers collect all submissions from their students (please note the name of your school, the student’s name, grade, and age) and submit them digitally to us. File Requirements: Posters in PDF, JPG or PNG format, maximum 1 MB, or Photos in JPG or PNG format, maximum 6 MB, or Videos in MP4 or MOV format, less than 90 seconds, maximum 15 Mb. Submissions can be sent by email to, or share with via Dropbox! The deadline for student’s submissions is May 27th, 2022.

WITS Program Foundation receives Canadian Heritage funding for national Canadian Kindness Leaders Project!

WITS Program Foundation has received funding from Canadian Heritage for their Canadian Kindness Leaders project. Canadian Kindness Leaders will engage more than 10,000 youth aged from 9 to 12 in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec, and in both official languages. From art projects to volunteering, youth involved in the project will use their creativity to encourage and promote lateral kindness, empathy, appreciation, diversity, and inclusion.

“We are very proud that Canadian Heritage is providing funding for us to reach Canadian youth across the country” said Andy Telfer, Executive Director of the WITS Programs Foundation. “Especially at this time of uncertainty, by participating in this project, youth will show that kindness is important in Canada and that they can make a positive difference.”

I found the WITS Program to be an exceptional tool to help children learn at an early age how to deal with peer victimization, and how important it is to treat each other with respect. Until bullying and peer victimization are a thing of the past, I strongly encourage other schools to implement the WITS program on an annual basis.

– The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage

The project engages youth in two stages. In the first stage, it uses the evidence-based WITS LEADerS training curriculum to empower youth to develop problem-solving skills to peacefully resolve peer conflicts. This program provides strategies to prevent peer victimization and bullying by engaging youth in leadership activities, demonstrating how youth can help themselves, their peers, and younger children to “use their WITS”.

In the second stage, youth will develop kindness-based community projects. Through an online sharing platform, youth will post their projects and connect with other youth across Canada. In addition, youth will vote on the most inspiring youth action project. Inspiring projects will be recognized near Pink Shirt Day, Canada’s national anti-bullying day.

The overall aim of the project is to empower youth to participate in civic life and lead through positive actions. The project will promote and support priorities including kindness, diversity, inclusion and connect with official language minority communities in Canada.

To learn more about the WITS Program Foundation and its Canadian Kindness Leaders Project, visit

Media contact, CKL Program Manager, Renée Cenerini, at or call 250-386-7625 or Toll free at 1-855-858-8766