WITS is Canada’s bullying-prevention program.

Poster by Alex – South Broadview Elementary, Salmon Arm, BC

The WITS® group of programs bring together schools, families and communities to create safe responsive environments to help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization. Started 21 years ago in Victoria BC, programs are now in every province and territory in over 1200 schools. In a 2016 report from Dalhousie University, WITS was determined to be the best program of its kind in Canada. Programs are developed in cooperation with the University of Victoria and disseminated by the WITS Programs Foundation, a registered Canadian Charity.

Our Vision is that all children are living, learning and playing in safe and responsive communities.

Our Mission is to create capacity in communities to promote safety & healthy relationships.

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WITS finds new partner in Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek Olympic Gold medalist and founder of KreekSpeak Business Solutions

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold medalist and founder of KreekSpeak Business Solutions. Adam is one of North America’s top Management Consultants and Executive Coaches and is a father of three.

“WITS teaches invaluable skills to the next generation of leaders. I was bullied as a kid, so I’m extra thankful that my kids have been trained to walk away, ignore, talk it out, then seek help.”

– Adam Kreek.

See Adam’s full bio and website

Pink Day founder joins WITS 

Travis Price, Co-founder, Pink Day

The founder of internationally recognized Pink Shirt Day / Pink Day, has joined WITS. Travis Price, co-founder of Pink Day (known in some jurisdictions as Pink Shirt Day) will work closely with the WITS Programs Foundation to bring both their messages to Canadian children in the coming 2019-2020 school year. It is a natural fit.

The original Pink Shirt Day was organized by David Shepherd and Travis Price of Berwick, Nova Scotia, who in 2007 bought and distributed 50 pink shirts after a male ninth grade student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt during the first day of school. The last Wednesday each February is now the national anti-bullying day in Canada. Over the past 12 years, Price has spoken at hundreds of Canadian schools and worked with over 100 countries to spread the Pink Day movement to stop bullying and embrace kindness.

According to UNICEF’s 2017 report “Oh Canada! Our kids deserve better”, Canada ranks 25th place out of 41 rich countries on the Index of Child and Youth Well-being and Sustainability, and Canada’s middle ranking hasn’t improved in years.” Together, Travis Price and the WITS Programs Foundation will build on their collective successes to reduce bullying and create a more compassionate Canadian society.

A highly inspirational speaker, Travis Price is available to speak at schools across Canada. To book Travis for your school, contact WITS.

New Cyberbullying Prevention Resource

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New Teaching Resource


by Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater

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Video: Social Emotional Learning Resources – WITS in Motion

This online education initiative is a non-verbal dance film, so it ‘speaks’ to everyone. The film promotes positive relationships, peaceful resolution of peer conflict and the spectrum of social emotional learning skills. It is available for streaming to parents, caregivers and educators everywhere at

“WITS is a program that provides essential support to staff and students in the school setting.” says Georgina Henderson, School Counsellor, Clarence Jaycox School, KEE TAS KEE NOW TRIBAL COUNCIL EDUCATION AUTHORITY, Red Earth Creek, Alberta

The WITS Programs are supported by the WITS PROGRAMS FOUNDATION, a registered charity. Our donors include SHAW, Victoria Foundation, Vancouver Foundation and you can DONATE HERE through our Canada Helps Connection.Or to find our more about becoming a sponsor contact Andy Telfer executive director of the WITS Programs Foundation at 250-386-7625 or at exec@witsprogram.ca.

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