WITS 2.0 is on its way

We’ve been talking on the website, on our social media, and in newsletter to our clients about big changes coming to the WITS Programs Foundation. Here’s a bit more about what’s happening:

Subscription model

The biggest innovations WITS 2.0 is bringing is designed to ensure program sustainability and integrity and help us support you better. To achieve that, all schools who use our programs will now require a subscription. The cost of the subscription includes all of the program enhancements, a starter kit, and much more.

  • We will be offering a reduced rate until the end of August for schools that are already using our programs to become subscribers.
  • Community leaders and their organizations will have their own complimentary subscription option to access training and resources.

You can read all the details of the subscription package — including costs, benefits, and materials — in this PDF.

Online training

Our online training courses for both educators and community leaders have been completely updated to focus on the “how to” of the programs, thanks to feedback from educators and community leaders like you.

Once your school or community leader organization is subscribed your staff can access the new training. To access training over the summer please email educ@witsprogram.ca.

In a new video, Ms. Monica and her students explore whole body listening

New website

This summer we will be launching a new website with an updated training system and new materials. You don’t need to do anything but check back here to find the new site when it is ready. The website will be your WITS home for all the other program improvements.

A diverse group of happy children reach for bubbles. Brightly coloured shapes outline the photo.

Here’s a sneak peek from the new site

Materials and resources

A walrus cartoon wears a green baseball cap that is on backwards

Even WITSup is getting a makeover!

Nearly every one of our products is being updated, and we want you to get the latest version. Any orders placed over the summer will ship at the end of August. If you need anything sooner, please let us know at orders@witsprogram.ca or by phone at 250-386-7625.


This work is design to make WITS Programs easier to deliver and more effective at preventing bullying. To make sure we are meeting those goals, we need your feedback. Please let us know what you like, love, or would like changed in our materials, website, and system by emailing info@witsprogram.ca anytime.