Summary: Heidi is a tall, thin bug who can easily be mistaken for a little branch. It is her first day in Bug School where she hopes to learn lots of things and to make many new friends. But she is very, very shy and isn’t sure how to make herself visible to the other children and teacher. She blends into the background and can’t be seen. Her teacher comes up with a plan and all the children help out.


Aura Parker is an illustrator, author and graphic designer. She creates prints, textiles and illustrated albums. Her playful and creative style is full of many details for readers to discover. She lives in Sydney, Australia and she has three children. She loves to draw and has created all of the insects in this book!

 WITS CONNECTION: To practice skills related to the sharing and development of healthy relationships, to understand how having friends can help. Ask for help, Ignore, Talk it out in conflict situations.  Children often have a hard time finding a role for themselves in a group. Some charge in and disrupt the play, others stand back and don’t indicate they want to play. This book is about joining the play and helping others to join in.

Connection to Language Arts: understanding oral narrative, oral inference, sentence writing, reading words.

PDF Lesson plan is available! Click    Twig