WITS Teacher Accreditation Program

WITS online educator training has updated!

We have updated the online training as part of WITS 2.0, so we may provide you with the most current WITS resources and tools. All WITS subscribed schools can access training: see below for options.

Teacher training at Mackenzie Elementary School, June 2019

Teacher training at Mackenzie Elementary School, June 2019

How can we get WITS training now?

Educator Training is available to all WITS subscribed schools via the following options:

  1. live via videoconference: receive training with our WITS teaching staff (fees may apply).
  2. online: access the newly updated and modernized online training (certificates currently not available).

Also, instructional guides are also available in the new WITS modules:

  1. 8-step Guide: this is a basic quick-reference guide for educators, available in every Classroom Module.
  2. WITS Resource Guide: contains detailed instructions on how to implement the WITS & LEADS programs, plus additional resources, activities, materials samples, and more; available in every Core Module.

Contact us at info@witsprogram.ca

Why are we revising the online training?

Our new online training versions for educators and community leaders have the same learning outcomes as our previous online courses, but are modernized and have the following benefits:

  • Simpler to sign up
  • Easier to navigate
  • Faster to complete
  • Accessible on a variety of devices and will integrate with your professional portfolio.

Or, contact us for live training by WITS staff members.

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