WITS Teacher Accreditation Program

The WITS Teacher Accreditation Program is a free 90-minute online training module that teaches elementary school instructional staff about the WITS Programs and enables them to become Accredited WITS Programs Teachers, recognized with a Certificate of Accreditation.

The easy-to-follow online training format offers participants:

  • Flexibility – Access the program anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace, taking breaks when you want
  • Variety – Learn from a variety of teaching tools including video, self-reflection exercises and practical resources

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Teacher Accreditation Program Screenshots

The Challenges

The program consists of four challenges that address questions most commonly voiced by teachers adopting the WITS Programs.

  1. Why use the WITS Programs? – Examines how WITS differs from social development and conflict resolution programs
  2. How can I use WITS in class? – Explores how the WITS Programs can be integrated into the current curriculum
  3. Why involve the community? – Examines the role of community leaders and parents in implementing the WITS Programs
  4. Where can I find WITS resources? – Explores the resources available on this site

The Certificate of Accreditation

The certificate acknowledges completion of the accreditation program and authorizes certificate-holders to implement the WITS Programs in their classrooms, using their creativity and experience to create safe, comfortable environments in which children can develop and learn free from bullying.