WITS Books and Lesson Plans

The WITS books (We call them “WITS PICKS”) have each been selected because they deal with peer conflict resolution, building healthy relationships, or social emotional learning.  No child is labeled a bully in these books, but they can help prevent bullying! Pick a book from one of several categories. by clicking on the cover.

The WITS books lesson plans are organized in to grades 1 to 3 (WITS PRIMARY) and grades 4 to 6 (WITS LEADS) and each was written in by an experienced teacher-librarian, a teacher technology expert, and a developmental psychologist!   

We aimed to create flexible resources (lesson plans) that teachers could build on with their own expertise and that would not require them to follow a script.  We also integrate lessons with curriculum objectives. In other words, we included both social emotional learning that prevents peer victimization and also address curriculum objectives in health and personal planning, social responsibility, language arts, elementary mathematics, culture and history, or social sciences. These should also provide rich resources to inspire  teachers and parents!


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