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WITS New Releases!

WITS has just completed two music videos showing how to communicate the WITS strategies in sign language! Watch these videos in English or French to find out how to communicate WITS in words, song and simple signs!

  • WITS Music Video
    English Version

    WITS Music Video

  • DIRE Music Video
    French Version

    DIRE Music Video

WITS Introductory Video

This 33-minute video was produced by Vancouver-based video production company Maria LeRose & Associates Ltd in 2010. The video explains how the WITS Programs can be used at school and at home, the role of community leaders in the program and also touches on the WITS LEADS Program for Grade 4 to 6 students. You can choose to watch the video in its entirety or select one of its chapters.

  • WITS Introductory Video
    Full version

    WITS Training Video

  • WITS Introductory Video
    1. Introduction


  • WITS Introductory Video
    2. Community Services

    Community Services Personnel

  • WITS Introductory Video
    3. WITS in the Classroom

    WITS in the Classroom

  • WITS Introductory Video


  • WITS Introductory Video
    5. WITS at Home

    WITS at Home

WITS Teacher Accreditation Program Videos

These videos were designed by WITS Programs staff for the WITS Teacher Accreditation Program — a free online training module designed to teach elementary school instructional staff about the WITS Programs. Learn more here.

  • Why Use

    Why Use WITS?

  • WITS in the Class
    Grade 3 Language Arts

    Integrating WITS in the Classroom

  • WITS LEADS in the Class
    Grade 4 Language Arts

    Integrating WITS LEADS in the Classroom

  • Working with Community Services Personnel

    Working with Community Services Personnel

  • Working with

    Working with Families

  • Exploring


Other Videos

  • Introducing: The New WITS Program Mascot

    The New WITS Program Mascot

  • Swearing-In

    Swearing-In Ceremony

  • What Students Say
    About WITS

    What Students Say

  • WITS

    WITS Claymation

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