Walrus’s Gift

Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. In this story by author H.E. Stewart, a kind-hearted young walrus befriends a lonely human child and teaches him some important lessons about seeking help and finding strength within.

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How is Walrus’s Gift used in the WITS Programs?

Walrus’s Gift is read by community leaders during the Swearing-In Ceremony to provide an example of how WITS strategies can be used to deal with teasing and peer victimization. The book’s lesson plan can also be used in the classroom to further explore the story’s themes.

How can I access the story?

In addition to the issuu version available above, Walrus’s Gift is available free-of-charge in fully illustrated PDF and PowerPoint formats. There is also a text-only web version, ideal for slower Internet connections.

pdf Illustrated PDF versionpowerpointIllustrated PowerPoint versionweb Text-only web version
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