Walrus’s Gift

Walrus’s Gift is an illustrated children’s book by H.E. Stewart. In this story, a kind-hearted young walrus befriends a human child who is lonely because he is teased and left out by others. The young walrus seeks advice from his elders and a community of animals who work together to find a solution to the boy’s problem, teaching him important lessons about seeking help and finding his inner strength. Walrus’s Gift is available in three languages.

English version Walrus’s Gift
Walrus’s Gift was first published in English and is used as part of the Swearing-In Ceremony. It can also be used in the classroom along with its accompanying lesson plan to show children how they can seek help from others when faced with conflict or bullying.
French Version Le cadeau du morse
Le cadeau du morse is the French translation of Walrus’s Gift. It is used in the “cérémonie d’assermentation” (Swearing-In Ceremony) in French language schools. Its accompanying French language lesson plan can also be used in French schools or French immersion classes to further explore the book’s themes.
SṈÁTW̱ EṮ W̱ṮEḴTĆINES is the translation of Walrus’s Gift into the SENĆOŦEN dialect. SENĆOŦEN is one of five dialects spoken by the W̱SÁNEĆ people who live in lands on the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, the Gulf and San Juan Islands, southern Vancouver Island and the southern edge of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.