Understand Cyberbullying: FYI

Cyberbullying is bullying through an electronic medium such as a computer or cell phone. Research indicates that one in five students are bullied online. How does this happen? What does it look like? Explore the links below to learn more.

What is cyberbullying?

Who is involved? How extensive is it? Answers to these questions and more at www.mediasmarts.ca.

What forms can it take?

From insults to identity theft, learn more about the forms cyberbullying can take at www.mediasmarts.ca.

Spotting the signs
Too much texting? Too much calling? When children are cyberbullied, they may not know where to turn to for help or may feel too embarrassed to speak up.

With the amount of time young people spend online and on their phones, it’s important to be able to spot the signs of cyberbullying. Learn some of the emotional, social/behavioural and academic red flags at www.ncpc.org.




About our sources

MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy, which has been developing digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities since 1996. Learn more…

The National Crime Prevention Council is an American educational non-profit organization that aims to help people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. To achieve this, NCPC produces tools communities can use to learn crime prevention strategies, engage community members, and coordinate with local agencies. Learn more…