Look & Listen
  • Develop an understanding of what can be learned about others' feelings, intentions, and inner thoughts by carefully observing their behaviours and nonverbal expressions, and by listening to others
  • Learn basic looking and listening skills
Explore Points of View
  • Understand others' points of view
  • See how words, thoughts and feelings can vary for different people
  • Look and listen to words, thoughts and feelings
  • Learn to understand indirect or relational aggression
  • Identify conflicts that involve direct aggression (hitting, pushing, threatening) or relational aggression (excluding people, ignoring, spreading rumours, teasing) by looking and listening
  • Brainstorm and act out solutions to identified conflicts
Did it Work?
  • Identify the short- and long-term consequences of actions chosen to deal with a conflict
  • Identify factors that suggest a solution has worked
  • Demonstrate social responsibility by solving problems and resolving conflicts in peaceful ways
  • Learn to exercise democratic rights and responsibilities
  • Recognize different types of bullying and the roles of bystanders in refusing and reporting it
  • Learn effective leadership skills
Seek Help
  • Learn when to seek help from an adult and when to handle a problem independently
  • Learn to use the WITS LEADS problem solving skills together
  • Learn to identify and solve problems
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The WITS LEADS Program provides strategies and resources that are developmentally appropriate for older elementary aged students so that they can become

WITS LEADS. Like the WITS Program, WITS LEADS is a literature based program with your choice of dynamic activities that may be integrated throughout a variety of subject areas.

The WITS LEADS Program teaches five problem-solving strategies to help children deal with conflict and keep safe:

This program consists of five sessions that teach children problem solving strategies in order to become WITS Leaders. The sessions integrate WITS LEADS Lesson Plans and include classroom activities as well as important information and definitions for teachers.

Book List & Lesson Plans – Lesson plans based on popular children’s books integrate easily into a variety of subject areas, helping educators meet provincial/territorial curricular requirements while supporting the WITS LEADS strategies