step twoLearn the Salute, Secret Handshake & Password

Special Constable WITSUPOn top of knowing how to use your WITS, there are some other very important skills WITS Special Constables must learn:

Stand at Attention

Stand up tall with your feet together, arms straight and down by your sides, shoulders back, chest out and chin up.


The salute is always “long way up and short way down.” Stretch your arm out straight to the right, then bend your elbow to bring your hand to your head. At this point, your salute should look like the one WITSUP is doing to the right. To finish the salute, bring your hand straight down.

Secret Handshake and Password

When shaking hands, WITS Special Constables always say “Huddy, huddy.” That’s walrus talk for “Hey, how ya doing?”

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