Become a WITS Special Constable

Special Constable WITSUPWITS Special Constables promise to use their WITS when dealing with teasing or bullying. They also help others use their WITS.

See that guy on the right?

That’s WITSUP the Walrus. He is the original WITS Special Constable, sworn in by the King and Queen of the Sea. They gave him special powers to walk, talk and wear human clothes so he could help kids like you deal with bullying at school.

Become a WITS Special Constable

If your school uses the WITS Programs, you will probably be sworn in as a WITS Special Constable by a police officer or firefighter. This happens at the beginning of the school year in a special Swearing-In Ceremony.

If your school is not yet using the WITS Programs, you can still become a WITS Special Constable. Just follow the steps below: