Work where kindness matters

WITS Programs Foundation (WPF) offers Canada’s national bullying-prevention programs – WITS (in English) & DIRE (en français). WPF also organizes activities for Pink Shirt Day Canada and undertakes special projects to engage children and schools in ending bullying and spreading kindness.

WPF is building a team to complete an organizational enhancement project that includes adaptations due to COVID19 – WPF 2.0 RestartThis team (the Transition Manager + 4 coordinators) will work with WPF staff, subject matter experts, contractors, and volunteers, to help WPF reach more children and provide them with the tools and confidence to end bullying.

Together we can prevent bullying – Ensemble, nous pouvons prévenir l’intimidation

WPF 2.0 Restart is made possible through a Job Creation Partnership with WorkBC. All applicants must connect with Work BC to confirm their eligibility.

Questions from applicants

All questions we receive from potential applicants will be answered directly and the question and answer will be shared here for all applicants to see.

Could you please tell me if applicants have to be registered with Work BC?

Yes, at some point in the process before they can be offered a position, applicants must register with WorkBC. They can submit an application to register for WorkBC Self-Serve or Case-Managed services. Visit the Work BC website for more details.