The Role of a WITS Community Leader

Do I need to teach the WITS Programs?

Community leaders are not expected to teach the WITS Programs to students. Rather, their role is to:

  • Provide a positive first contact with children, reinforcing that they are part of a greater support network the children can call upon for help
  • Communicate WITS strategies by participating in school activities, such as special assemblies and classroom visits
  • Show there are responsible adults outside the schools who believe in the WITS message and are willing to help children before problems escalate

Community leaders participate in three very important parts of the WITS Programs:

Swearing-In Ceremony

Community leaders launch the WITS Primary Program with the Swearing-In Ceremony — a special assembly where Kindergarten to Grade 3 students are deputized as WITS Special Constables.

The Tug-of-Help

Community leaders also kick off the WITS LEADS Program with the Tug-of-Help skit. This interactive skit introduces students in Grades 4 to 6 as WITS LEADERS who younger students can turn to for help.

Classroom Visits

Throughout the school year, community leaders return to the school for classroom visits to check up on how the new constables are doing with using their WITS.

What is the Role of a Community Leader?

In the Community Leaders: Working Together for Success (436 KB) section of the WITS Resource Guide, you may read about more specific strategies that you can use to support the WITS Programs.
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