Share A Story During The Swearing-In Ceremony

During the Swearing-In Ceremony, community leaders read a story from the WITS booklist. This story illustrates how to work through social challenges with the help of others. Typically, the story is read after the community leaders introduce themselves to the students and explain what the WITS acronym stands for. The story helps to provide an example of how WITS strategies can be used to deal with teasing and peer victimization.

Below are story recommendations in formats that may be projected onto a large screen.

Walrus's Gift

Walrus’s Gift | Le cadeau du morse

In this story, a kind-hearted young walrus befriends a lonely human child and teaches him some important lessons about seeking help and finding strength within. Click here to view questions related to this book.




This is a story of Red who intimidates the other colours until one day a character called One shows up.  One demonstrates to the other colours the power of coming to together deal with negative behaviours – before they get too big.