Community Leaders Training Program

The WITS Training Program for Community Leaders is a free 60-minute online training module that teaches community leaders about the WITS Programs and how they can become involved. Its easy-to-follow format is designed to fit into the busy lives of community leaders by providing:

  • Flexibility – Access the program anytime, anywhere and learn at your own pace, taking breaks when you want
  • Concision – The program includes only information relevant to your role and presents it clearly and logically

The Sections

The program consists of four sections:

  1. Your Role – Explains why community leaders are an important part of the WITS Programs
  2. The Swearing-In Ceremony – Explores how community leaders kick off the WITS Primary Program with this special ceremony
  3. The Tug-of-Help – Explores how community leaders kick off the WITS LEADS Program with this important assembly
  4. Classroom Visits – Explains the importance and format of community leader classroom visits throughout the school year

The Certificate of Achievement

Users who successfully complete the training program are recognized with a Certificate of Achievement, authorizing them to support the implementation of the WITS Programs in their communities.

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