Did it Work?

Did it Work? WITS Leaders always remember to think about their actions, asking themselves "Did it work?" Why? Asking "Did it work?" can help us figure out the consequences of our actions -- that is, how did the chosen action affect the problem we were trying to solve? Asking "Did it work?" can help us [...]

Become a WITS Leader

Become a WITS Leader WITS Leaders are super important people. They're older kids – usually in Grades 4 to 6 – who younger kids can turn to for help when they're dealing with teasing or bullying. Just like younger kids, WITS Leaders know all about WITS and when to Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out [...]


Act A WITS Leader always remembers to Act. Why? Taking action is important because that's how problems are solved. If you don't take action, nothing will change and the problem will continue to be a problem. The key, of course, is figuring out which action will give you the best results. How? There are usually [...]

Watch WITS In Action

Watch WITS In Action Click on an image below to watch a video clip about the WITS Programs or visit our account on Vimeo to see all available videos. WITS New Releases! WITS has just completed two music videos showing how to communicate the WITS strategies in sign language! Watch these videos in English or [...]

Le cadeau du morse

Le cadeau du morse Quelquefois, l'aide arrive au moment où l'on s'y attend le moins. Le cadeau du morse écrit par H.E. Stewart raconte l'histoire d'un jeune morse au grand cœur qui se lie d'amitié avec un enfant solitaire et qui lui enseigne des leçons importantes : savoir demander de l'aide et trouver la force [...]

Walrus’s Gift

Walrus's Gift Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. In this story by author H.E. Stewart, a kind-hearted young walrus befriends a lonely human child and teaches him some important lessons about seeking help and finding strength within. Click on the image above to read the book fullscreen. Having trouble viewing the book above? Click here [...]

Talk it Out

Talk it Out Tell the person that is bothering you to stop. Kids who tease or bully other kids are more likely to pick on kids who won't stand up to them. Try making a joke to show that you’re not bothered. You can even practice some funny responses at home until you're comfortable saying [...]

Walk Away

Walk Away If someone is teasing or bullying you, try to take a deep breath and just walk away. Kids who tease or bully other kids are often just trying to get a reaction from them. Calmly walking away means they won't get this reaction from you. Be sure to walk away to a safe [...]

Learn the Salute, Secret Handshake & Password

Learn the Salute, Secret Handshake & Password On top of knowing how to use your WITS, there are some other very important skills WITS Special Constables must learn: Stand at Attention Stand up tall with your feet together, arms straight and down by your sides, shoulders back, chest out and chin up. Salute The salute [...]

Take the WITS Oath

Take the WITS Oath This is the most important part of becoming a WITS Special Constable because this is when you promise to always use your WITS. To take the WITS Oath, stand at attention, place your right hand over your heart and read the following: I promise to use my WITS, to walk away, [...]