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WITS Books and Lesson Plans

WITS Books and Lesson Plans WITS Books Sorted by Categories Social & Emotional Learning Help Seeking Understanding Emotions Tolerance Multiculturalism Sexual Orientation Appearance Inclusive Education Aboriginal Content First Nations Metis Inuit Peer Relationships Conflict Support The WITS Programs are literature-based with book lists assembled by teachers and librarians. These children's books are widely available in [...]

Where can I seek help?

Where can I seek help? The 'S' in WITS stands for "Seek help." This is an important part of using your WITS. If you're being faced with bullying or teasing and you need help, try asking an adult you trust like a parent, teacher, police officer or older kid. If you don’t get the help [...]

Tools for Administrators

Tools for Administrators This page is designed for administrators looking for resources for the implementation and development of the WITS and LEADS Programs in their school. How can I explore the WITS Programs? These simple 10-step implementation guides outline how to initiate the WITS Programs in your school and community. What professional development is available? [...]

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Seek Help

Seek Help A WITS Leader always remembers to Seek help. Why? Although WITS Leaders know lots of ways to solve problems by themselves, they also know that sometimes they can't do it on their own. Sometimes, Seeking help from a parent, teacher or other trusted adult is the best thing they can do to solve [...]

Youth Voices

WITS recognizes the powerful impact that youth can have on the prevention of bullying. The videos below feature high quality youth produced content that creatively express the vision WITS and WITS LEADS to drive positive change in local communities. Take a look and share your voice with a comment on a video that inspires you! [...]

Explore Points of View

Explore Points of View A WITS Leader is willing to Explore points of view. Why? Exploring points of view is important because everyone is different! That means that two people who are in the same situation can have very different thoughts and feelings about it. To become a successful problem-solver and a WITS Leader you [...]

Look and Listen

Look and Listen A WITS Leader always remembers to Look and Listen. Why? Looking at people's expressions and actions can help us to understand how they're feeling and what they're thinking. By Listening to what they say, we can start to understand what's going on in their heads. All of this information can help us [...]