Summary: Sometimes it’s harder to have two “best” friends than it is to have one. Because trios can result in one person feeling left out. When a new dog moves in next door, Siku and Kamik’s friendship is tested when Kamik seems too rough and too big to-play. This story teaches children about the importance of friendship and how to find ways to include everyone.  

Author: Kaitlin Tremblay is Canadian a writer, narrative designer, and independent game developer who is committed to fostering compassion, empathy, diversity, and inclusiveness in all aspects of her work. She lives in Toronto and is the co-editor of the speculative fiction anthology Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories

Illustrator: Andrew Trabbold, a texture and concept artist with 15 years’ experience. He illustrated this book for Inhabit Education (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

 WITS Connections: Inclusion, Walk Away can help you to think about what is not working!, Talk it Out (using your inner voice) can help to work out a problem even if you are a dog!

Language Arts Connections:. Engage actively as listeners, viewers, and readers, as appropriate, to develop understanding of self, and others. Great dog images with feelings and expressions to draw. Show causal connections between getting hurt and stopping the play!

Lesson Plan: Siku’s New Friend