Summary: Chase’s memory just went out the window.

Chase doesn’t remember falling off the roof. He doesn’t remember hitting his head. He doesn’t, in fact, remember anything. He wakes up in a hospital room and suddenly has to learn his whole life all over again . . . starting with his own name.

He knows he’s Chase. But who is Chase? When he gets back to school, he sees that different kids have very different reactions to his return.  Some kids treat him like a hero. Some kids are clearly afraid of him.  One girl in particular is so angry with him that she pours her frozen yogurt on his head the first chance she gets.

Pretty soon, it’s not only a question of who Chase is–it’s a question of who he was . . . and who he’s going to be.  Restart is the spectacular story of a kid with a messy past who has to figure out what it means to get a clean start. 

Author: Gordon Korman is a Canadian American author, who was born in Montreal.  Korman has written over 80 children’s and young adult fiction books, and has sold more than 28 million books over a career spanning four decades. 

WITS LEADS Connection: Look and Listen, Explore Points of View, Act, Did it Work? Helping and Seeking Help.  

 Lesson Plan

Conflict:  Stories are usually based on a conflict.  The conflict may be a problem to solve or a goal that the main character wants to reach. 

Types of conflicts in stories are: 

  1. Person vs Person 
  2. Person vs Self 
  3. Person vs Nature 
  4. Person vs Society 
  5. Person vs Technology 
  6. Person vs the Supernatural 


POST-READING QUESTIONS: Conflict and Feelings  

1. Who is the main character of the story and what are the conflicts in the story?   

(Possible answer: The main character is Chase Ambrose.  Some of the conflicts in Restart are Person vs Person, Person vs Self, and Person vs Society.  Before he fell from the roof of his house, Chase had been the bully in all his years of school and after the fall Chase tries to change and become a better person.  Chase also gets bullied by Aaron and Bear). 

2. How does Chase feel once he returns to school and a few of his memories begin to return  

(Possible answers: He experiences different feelings such as confusion, helpless, bewilderment, shock, surprise, and embarrassment. He is hurt, not having fun and powerless knowing that he treated so many people badly. At times he feels confident because he is seen as a sports hero but he is also very worried that his past behaviour scared, intimidated, and threatened so many people.)  

3. Chase used a variety of strategies to deal with his past bullying behaviour and problems with Aaron and Bear. What were they?  

(Possible answers: To deal with his past Chase used the following strategies; Looking and Listening.  Chase developed and understanding of how his past bullying behaviour impacted them, from carefully observing the other students behaviours and nonverbal expressions and by listening to what people had to say about himhe also confronted Aaron and Bear and told them that their bullying behaviour was wrong and he defended the victims that they had picked onhe also fought back against Aaron and Bear to return the medal to Mr. SolwayChase took responsibility for his past bullying behaviour anwas upfront and honest about himself in juvenile court). 

4. In the story Restart Mr. Soloway a USA war Veteran was awarded the Medal of Honour, what special day in Canada do we honour our Veterans? 

(Possible answer: Remembrance Day) 


Activities to celebrate Remembrance Day: 

  1. Wear a poppy on November 11th
  2. Visit a war memorial
  3. Write a thank you letter to a Veteran
  4. Pause and take two minutes of silence on November 11th

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