Angus All Aglow     

Summary: Angus loves sparkly things. He can even hear the sounds of sparkling things! He feels all aglow with an inner sparkle when he is happy.  When Angus wears his grandma’s sparkly necklace to school the children make fun of him. The kindness of a new friend lights up his life again.Acceptance of differences leads to healthier relationships. This book shows the value of helping, friendship and sharing.

Author: Heather Smith  Illustrator: Alice Carter

Canadian author Heather Smith is proud to be from Newfoundland.  She now lives in Waterloo Ontario.  Her friend and illustrator Alice Carter lives in Ottawa Ontario. (See the book’s end page for more). 

WITS Connection: Walk Away, Seek Help.

Language Arts Connection: understanding oral narrative, oral inference, reading words. Understand the role of adjectives and synonyms.

Cultural connections: Our holiday celebrations bring many sparkles into our lives like candles, lights, fireworks, smiles, and friendship. This is the perfect after holiday book.

Emotional Learning Connection: Find your inner sparkles!

WITS Lesson Plan (PDF)