Meet The Team

These volunteers, staff members, and contractors make the WITS Programs Foundation what it is: a rock-solid foundation that promotes safe and healthy relationships so all children can live, learn, and play in safe and responsive communities

Board members

David Valentine

President - British Columbia

Tom Woods

Vice President - British Columbia

Kathreen Riel

Secretary - British Columbia

Julian West

Director - British Columbia

Mark Smith

Director - British Columbia

The team Members

Andy Telfer

Executive Director

Andy has lead WPF through its recent growth. He brings 15 years of experience as an Executive Director in the non-profit sector, is the founder of the Victoria Executive Director Think Tank, and past co-chair of the National Advisory Committee for Canada’s Volunteer Awards.

Liam Burton

E-Commerce Coordinator

Liam joined WPF in its early days and has been a key to WPF online. Liam serves our clients by keeping the website fresh and the e-commerce user experience painless. He is always generous with sharing his deep organizational knowledge.

Renée Cenerini

Program Manager

Renée joined the WPF team in 2020 to lead the Canadian Kindness Leaders Program. She had previously lead the high-quality nature education programs at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary. Renée also shares her bilingualism, helping to increase WPF's program offerings in both official languages.

Shane Goodman

CRM Coordinator

Deeply knowledgeable about systems and technology, Shane is guiding the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management system that will improve customer support. He offers great technical advice to the team and is great resource in providing helpful information.

Harison Houde image

Harrison Houde

Stories of Kindness Manager

Harrison is passion-driven, with a focus on the arts. He works behind the scenes to create content like "Stories of Kindness" while coordinating with team members across the organization to communicate project goals and deliverables.

Nadine Kerk-Hecker

Administrative Coordinator

Nadine is integral to the smooth functioning of the WPF office and teams. Vivacious and innovative, Nadine thrives at problem-solving and helping others achieve their goals. Like loves it when "a plan comes together."

Tamara Naylor

Events & Pilot Coordinator

With only six weeks between her hiring and Pink Shirt Day, Tamara dove into planning and delivering seven events across Canada. A natural leader, Tamara looks for ways to help others succeed and jumps at opportunities to learn.

james ngara photo

James Ngara

Communication & Design Coord.

Always eager to learn and grow, James played a key role in re-designing the Pink Shirt Day website and enjoys taking on graphic design and social media content. He brings in four years of experience as a 3D content Designer, and a passion for soccer.

Pat Oldroyd image

Pat Oldroyd

Book Buyer & Shipper

Pat is bona fide children’s book expert, whit more than twenty years experience as a bookseller and buyer. In 2016 she and her husband Jamie created Marmalade Books, a monthly children’s book subscription service. Marmalade Books manages our packing and shipping of products. Pat is also key to keeping the WITS Picks lists fresh.

Petro Palaroan image

Petro Palaroan

School Engagement Liaison

Petro is a key member of the WPF team with an extensive prior career as a teacher. Petro's insight into the realities of a teacher's day are invaluable in making sure WITS programs work for educators. He oversees curriculum development for new in-person and virtual WITS training programs while supervising interns & coordinating volunteers.

N'Donna Russell image

N'Donna Russell

Program Awareness Rep.

A writer, academic, journalist and WITS Parent, N'Donna is bringing her considerable skills to updating our Teacher and Community Leader training. Her insight as someone whose child completed WITS in primary school brings an important perspective to the team, and her writing skills are crucial to creation fresh materials.

shannon whisell

Shannon Whissell

Transition Manager

More than 15 years ago, Shannon transitioned from the post-secondary sector to share her expertise in communications and community development with social service agencies, including spending six months supporting a national organization in Jamaica. She loves leading teams, organizing projects, and sharing powerful stories.


Irmak Erdal image

Irmak Erdal

Research Intern

An intern from Adler University's, Irmak brings deep academic research experience to her work. She likes gathering, analyzing and coding data into Excel sheets, and compiled valuable research on the impacts of COVID-19 on cyber-bullying.

Sydney Jackson


Sydney is a skilled videographer and photographer who has already contributed as a volunteer while still in middle school. Sydney's first WITS video engaged other youth in talking about the WITS programs and what they learned.

Alexandra Murphy


Alexandra began volunteering as a translator while living in Greater Victoria, and continues to support WPF with English to French translation all the way from Quebec. She is a key member of the social media team.


Kindness Leader

Witsup is a friend, an inspiration, and an all around great marine mammal. Like all walruses, WITSup is loyal and sociable. WITSup supports learning and engagement, and loves to model Pink Shirt Day shirts.