Our Endorsements

By Golly Molly You're Right“[WITS] is one of the best programs I have reviewed on bullying. It immerses the child in stories about bullying as part of their literature program… [and] can involve all the members of that school community. This is not a program done for a week and then set aside. It is a life lesson… It becomes a part of our value system. It could be as useful in the home, as in the school, so a family can work and discuss together.” – Roberta Dupont (Bobby Hawley), author of By Golly, Molly, You’re Right

The Canadian Home and School Federation“The Board of Directors has thoroughly reviewed written and electronic information related to the WITS program. The Canadian Home and School Federation endorses the WITS program.” – Janet Walsh, President, Canadian Home and School Federation

Safe Schools Manitoba“Teachers will find it is easy to weave the children’s literature based lesson plans through the Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculums. I highly recommend WITS as a bullying prevention program for educators, parents, community members and students.” – Dr. Mary Hall, Safe Schools Manitoba