WITS helps kids manage conflict

The WITS® group of programs brings together schools, families and community members to help elementary school children learn strategies on how to promote kindness and effectively manage peer victimization such as discrimination and bullying.

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Our Programs

The easy-to-use WITS Program has been proven effective via formal evaluations and in 2016 was acclaimed the “best school program of its kind in Canada” by researchers at Dalhousie University. The WITS Programs are trusted by over 1500 schools worldwide.

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WITS – Canada’s Bullying
Prevention Program

The WITS Program provides children from Kindergarten to Grade 3 (up to grade 6/7; age groups are flexible) with skills and language to deal with bullying and peer victimization. Using carefully chosen children’s books, engaging resources, and cross-curriculum lessons, educators find WITS easy to implement and effective in reducing peer victimization like discrimination, bullying, etc.

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The WITS LEADS Program

LEADS, an extension of WITS, provides students in Grades 4 through 6/7 (age groups are flexible) with strategies that encourage kids to resolve conflicts and model good behaviour. Like WITS, LEADS is a literature based program with dynamic activities that may be integrated throughout a variety of subject areas.

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WITS Commitments

Beyond and inside of the classroom, WITS is committed to creating safe, inclusive and healthy communities for all children. Here are some of the ways we do that.

WITS and Indigenous communities

WITS is used by dozens of Indigenous communities. We have embedded the advice of Indigenous educators and consultants into the WITS Programs. We also encourage communities to adapt the programs to their unique cultural knowledge, connections, and needs.

Click here to read more about how WITS works with Indigenous communities to promote reconciliation.

Sprinkling Kindness from Coast to Coast to Coast.

WITS Programs have been delivered in more than 1300 schools and in every province and territory in Canada. WITS is committed to making sure that every child has a safe, supportive community in which to grow and thrive.

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