Using Your WITS to Prevent Peer Victimization: A Resource Guide to the WITS Primary & WITS LEADS Programs

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Using Your WITS to Prevent Peer Victimization was developed to support elementary school educators and community leaders across Canada in implementing the WITS Primary and WITS LEADS Programs in their schools and communities. The guide’s content stems from years of collaboration among teachers, principals, school counselors, university researchers, police officers, firefighters and other adults dedicated to creating safe environments for young children. These resources aim to prevent peer victimization among elementary school children and to show adults at school, at home and in the community how to respond effectively to children’s requests for help.

Download the entire guide using the link to the left (this may take several minutes as the file is quite large) or select a section from the table of contents below.

Introduction: About this Guide (327 KB)

Pages 5 to 8 of the guide, including:

  • Why This Guide Was Developed
  • Who This Guide is For
  • How This Guide is Organized
  • Conclusion

Community Leaders: Working Together for Success (353 KB)

Pages 9 to 18 of the guide, including:

  • Communities Creating Change
  • The Role of Community Leaders
    • The Swearing-In Ceremony
    • The Tug-of-Help
    • Classroom Visits
  • Conclusion

Educators: Great Ideas for Teaching WITS (26.4 MB)

Pages 19 to 160 of the guide, including:

WITS Toolbox: Resources You Can Use (43.1 MB)

Pages 161 to 208 of the guide, including:

  • Resources for Community Leaders
  • Resources for Educators
  • Information Pamphlets
  • Research and References