WITS recognizes the powerful impact that youth can have on the prevention of bullying. The videos below feature high quality youth produced content that creatively express the vision WITS and WITS LEADS to drive positive change in local communities. Take a look and share your voice with a comment on a video that inspires you! Share your own video by sending a link to: wits@uvic.ca

Youth Action Project | Youth Leadership Contest| Other Inspired Voices

Youth Action Project

The WITS Programs launched the Youth Action Project to promote the creativity of young people to spread the WITS message. The videos below are the selected submissions from the talented youth who participated in the project.

Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton School

Students from Ms. McCabe’s Gr. 12 Religion Arts Philosophy class at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton High School in Toronto created these videos to illustrate the importance of seeking help in order to find support especially when life seems overwhelming.

Jason's Let Me In
WITS LEADS Theme: Look and Listen, Seek Help

Warning: video contains strong language.

Sofia's You Will See
WITS LEADS Theme: Explore Points of View, Act

Dominique's Unless
WITS LEADS Theme: Explore Points of View, Seek Help

Catholic District of Eastern Ontario

Three schools from the Eastern Ontario have stepped up to the plate and produced three videos around the theme "How would you prevent bullying?" Take a look at the these creative submissions.

St. Andrews Catholic School
Students incorporated the theme of The Wizard of Oz and created The Wizard of WITS. Dorothy follows the yellow LEADS road to meet the Wizard of WITS!

St. Finnans Catholic School
When do you need to walk away, ignore, talk it out, or seek help? St. Finnan's created this video to show various situations when you need to choose one or more strategies in order to find a positive outcome.

St. Jude Catholic School
Here is an exciting video of how students navigate through the day led by the adventurous Indian WITS!

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Youth Leadership Contest

Winners of the WITS Youth Leadership Contest who were given $500 to develop creative projects aimed at preventing bullying. Full details here.

Abbottsford Traditional School
Sahil Chawla, a student at Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School established the “Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School Key Club” and organised a number of projects including Anti-Bullying Awareness and “Project Connect.” Both of these projects followed a fundamental principle of educating youth on why one gets bullied and steps one can take to prevent bullying from occurring.
Lillian Osborne
Lillian Osborne High School
The Peer2Peer group of eight students and two staff from Lillian Osborne attended the Healthy Me, Healthy You, Healthy Us! Wellness Professional Learning Day participating in workshops on the topics of comprehensive school health, healthy relationships, healthy eating, engaging the student voice, and creating a healthy school environment. The students also worked on how to apply the knowledge they learned to their school.

McCreary Centre Society
The McCreary Centre Society’s Youth Advisory and Action Council sought to create a video and graphic poster by youth-for-youth providing young people with an opportunity to share their experience with bullying and how those experiences impacted their mental health. As well as draw attention to the protective factors in a young person’s life to reduce the negative impacts of bullying.

McCreary Centre Society
This resulted in an informative and impactful 11 minute video providing an overall picture of youths’ experiences with bullying and the effects those experiences have and can have on youths’ health. An info-graphic poster was created to accompany the video providing a summary of the information with the intent of them being posted in classrooms and youth organisations across the province and country

Rosedale Traditional Community School
The grade 9 leadership students at Rosedale Traditional Community School embarked on a creative project to combat bullying. Using 486 student photos taken with either blue or pink backgrounds the students created a poster collage projecting the message to Erase Bullying through the pictures. Within each of the photos students also wore costumes and signs with anti-bullying messages.

Rosedale Traditional Community School
The goal of this project was to raise awareness of the importance of erasing bullying within school and the community. The student driven aspect of the project was pursued based on the idea that messages are more effective if delivered by peers rather than teachers and the importance of a project that included in whole school to be achieved.

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Other Inspired Voices

Manor Park Public School - Everybody Hurts
A depiction of bullying at school, and at home - and how to use your WITS to help you deal with your problems. scripted, written, and directed by grade 6 students at Manor Park Public School.

Manor Park Public School WITS Song
A song by Manor Park Public School WITS Leaders about bullying and using your WITS.

You Have The Power
Students from Mrs. Tinker’s grade four/five class at Champlain Elementary School created a song to inspire change in the world by helping one person at a time. You Have The Power is avaliable for free download and includes lyrics.

Keisja Cox You’ve Got WITS
Keisja wrote "You've Got WITS" after using her WITS to deal with a bullying situation. You’ve Got WITS is available for download Keisja’s website and iTunes

Students at Rose Valley Elementary school completed this video, REWIND, for Harmony Day, a day to recognize and encourage respect for all the members of our community.

What Students Say About WITS
This bonus material from the WITS DVD features raw footage of our interviews with students about WITS.

WITS Claymation
When Biff the Bully takes the soccer ball away from a group of kids at recess, they don't know what to do. Luckily, WITSUP the Walrus is on hand to help them use their WITS.

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